Making the Call: Quality in Biomanufacturing,” is an educational tool designed to teach individuals about working in a regulated biomanufacturing environment. It is a story about a fictional biopharmaceutical company, Franklin Biologics, and an imaginary drug, Squabanin. Franklin is a mid-sized contract bioprocessing firm, which means that other companies hire Franklin to manufacture their drugs.

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​In this Interactive video series, you will choose to play one of three characters working at Franklin. Through a series of video vignettes, you will follow your character through his/her work routine, contributing to the manufacturing of Squabanin. Each scene terminates at a decision point – choices that would have to be made on the job. You will choose one of the options presented and, in the next scene, can immediately see the consequences of your decision. Different outcomes, some good, some not, will unfold depending on your choices. This Interactive is a safe place to explore what it means to work in a biopharmaceutical company. If you make a wrong choice, no one’s life is at stake, millions of dollars are not really lost, and no one really loses their job. As you participate in this Interactive, you will come to understand the culture and expectations of working in a company that produces life-saving drugs.

Start by watching the Overview scene which will open automatically and then click Continue to watch the Opening Scene. These two scenes will set the stage for the production. At the end of the Opening Scene, you will be able to choose one of three characters to play. Although you can click on individual scenes within each character, using the drop down menus on the left-hand side, we strongly suggest that you do not use it in that way. Instead, choose an individual character at the end of the Opening scene and play that character from beginning to end. After you have played one character, you may choose to play a different character from beginning to end. Use the scene by scene links only after you are familiar with the full development of the characters. Instructors may then find the scene-by- scene menu helpful in order to emphasize certain topics, for example, documentation.

Behind the Scenes

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